Complete Project Management

Complete Project Management

the practice of tailoring solutions to meet the specific wants of its customers has led the company toward numerous technological breakthroughs, no how and the trend is toward combining the New Business Solution Units covering Communications and Networking to reach Professional IT solutions and services.

Complete Project Management

Ceiling Work:

  • Suspension systems and framed members including the method of fixing and any depth of suspension system
  • Support work and accessories for fittings including bridging
  • Layout and treatment of joints including expansion joints
  • Edge trims, angle trims, and fire barriers
  • Work of any width, height or girth
  • Working over and around obstructions and integral services including additional materials
  • Access panels and holes for pipes
  • Special finishing on boundaries

Raised Floor Work:

  • Supply and fix all necessary Raised Floor System
  • Creating Ramp with necessary step ups
  • Supply and install mixed structure of wood and metal for entrance slope including all necessary
  • Accessories –anti-slipping vinyl floor finishing
  • Supply and install metallic handrail entrance access slope

Electrical Work:

  • Carry out electrical work to ensure compliance with design and performance requirements
  • Provide safe and protected systems with equipment readily accessible for operation
  • Provide maintenance and repair Installations ready for operation and fully integrated and coordinated with all other work Installations
  • Provide accessories necessary to complete the installation, of the types specified or recommended for the purpose by the manufacturer of the equipment or accessories.

Cable Routing Work:

  • Air circulation pathways
  • Power cable pathways
  • Network cable pathways Complete Project Management

Fiber Optic Cabling and Terminations:

  • Fiber Optic Cable Design & Installation

CIT. carries out the design, installation, testing & maintenance of Fiber Optic systems including Fusion Splicing & Termination of multimode & single mode fiber cables, including repair work.
All types of fiber optic cabling systems are offered including:

  • Multimode 62.5/125 (OM1) Data commas
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM2) Video & Data commas Systems
  • Multimode 50/125 (OM3) Gigabit Ethernet an 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 300m
  • Single mode 8/125 (OS1) Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gig Ethernet for up to 2km.

       Fiber Optic Termination & Testing

Our Fiber Optic termination and testing service is offered to corporate end users as well as other communication providers who prefer to use our skilled services rather than invest in expensive test equipment and costly engineer training. Both methods of termination are offered either direct termination or fusion splicing of pre-manufactured pigtail assemblies

Tower Construction and Electrical Contracting

Industrial Communications delivers efficient, quality services on tower construction projects of all sizes. This includes turnkey and build-to-suit communication facilities and special projects that require unique engineering and management expertise. We also provide maintenance, antenna installation, repair and evaluation of existing towers.
We help our customers deploy new applications using high-speed wireless network connectivity. Our broadband customers include private enterprises, government agencies, and ISP’s.

Power UPS Systems& Generator Standby Power Systems:

  • UPS System Design Configurations
  • Needs Assessment
  • Determining the Electrical Power Capacity Needed to Support a Data Center

Cooling (HVAC) Work:

Five Key Cooling Requirements

  • A- Scalability and adaptability
  • B- Standardization
  • C- Simplification
  • D- Intelligence
  • E- Management

Fire Safety Systems (FM200):

  • Fire Detection Alarm and Suppression System to protect the equipment from fire incidents
  • Clean agent fire extinguisher
  • Gaseous agent cylinders
  • Inert gases
  • Fluorine-based compounds (Known asFM-200) (FM-200 / FE-227) are the most widely accepted and commercially available agents for the protection of high-value assetsslope