Advance Infrastructure

Advance Infrastructure Professional Services with High Availability solutions

Today’s businesses face a common set of infrastructure challenges. With too many applications, too much customization, and underutilized server capacity, operations costs are spiraling upward.
And that’s just the beginning of the challenges. While trying to do more with less, companies also need to improve IT service levels, respond to new compliance demands and build stronger defenses against security threats. Delivering the next-generation data center to optimize business outcomes has become core necessity itself. It is where CIT stands.

Enterprise Security Solutions (IT and Physical Security)

Through CIT, you can unify your infrastructure management which will help you to holistically monitor and control your environment so that you can:

  • Increases system availability
  • Reduce time needed to analyze and resolve infrastructure and application problems
  • Maximize existing IT investments
  • Simplify management operations and enable the more efficient use of IT staff
  • More effectively cross-train across domains of expertise


is a major player in the field of electromechanics and systems. We have executed many of Sites all over the Republic of Egypt and beyond.

CIT. advanced infrastructure professional services offerings are

  • Value Added Services for ready-made Enterprise solutions
    (Cross Industry & Vertical Solutions).
  • Management of availability processes
  • Availability assessment consultancy to determine mission critical services
  • Integration of different systems platforms
  • Design and implementation of high availability solutions
  • Installation and commissioning of data networks
  • Integrated solutions covering a defined spectrum of services
  • Voice, video and data integration
  • Network and data management
  • Customer-centered systems integration and software solutions
  • Data integrity solutions
  • Availability of management consultancy to manage all availability process
  • Availability of assessment consultancy for a predefined number of days to determine mission critical services that the customer provides
  • Availability of design consultancy for detailed high availability solutions
  • Utility services and solutions
  • Integration and deployment services
  • IT consulting across different platforms
  • Network infrastructure services
  • Mainframe migration and integration services
  • High end training for specific business customers
  • Value added services for ready-made business solutions
  • Integrate different Systems “platforms”
  • Design and implement High Availability solutions.
  • Integrated Solutions covering the spectrum of service.
  • Availability Assessment Consulting for a predefined number of days to determine mission critical services that customer provides.
  • Networking & Communications
    (Network infrastructure services and management).
  • IT Consulting.
  • High End training for Specific Enterprise
  • Manage all availability processes.
  • Powerful Systems Integrator & Software solutions that are customer-centric
  • Extended resource planning outsourcing.
  • Training & Knowledge transfer.
  • Projects Management & Quality assurance.